Electronic dance music played live in an ensemble setting.


“Without a single word you will be speechless.”

Tin Đudajek, ziher.hr

“A perfect example of merging different, possibly incompatible styles in one ear-pleasing whole, forming one of the most beautiful releases this year.”

Bruno Mitrović, mixer.hr

“They have outdone themselves by recording an album that is very close to an aesthetic perfection and which has all the elemets I want to hear in this kind of music.”

Ivan Hozjan, perun.hr

“Just as you thought that it can’t go more beautiful that it already is, Kozmodrum stepped on the stage. I recommend that you remember this name.”

Marta Lučić, ziher.hr

“Amazingly pleasant mash of organic and lush instrumentals with the serious and energetic 4×4 rhythms characteristic of house and techno directions.”

Neven Prišuta, klubikon.hr

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